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I am a certified English teacher from the USA and visit you so that companies, executives and employees can develop their Business English skills in a relaxed, enjoyable and familiar setting. Meeting students at their level, and with an appreciation for their profession, I use my experience to help move your company forward.

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With his friendly and cosmopolitan nature, Tyler creates an atmosphere in which learning English is fun. Inhibitions to try out in English disappear fast. He is a motivational ace.

Dr. Matthias Oppermann

We have been working with Tyler for a year and a half and we are very happy to have found him. He has done both single and group trainings for us. Because it is not a typical classroom atmosphere, rather an enjoyable environment, our employees really enjoy his lessons. He teaches Business English and always has relevant work topics to work with. Tyler always speaks with the group or managers to find out which topics we should concentrate on to optimize our English in specific topics. He has always researched new texts to meet our requests. We would highly recommend him to other companies.

Joey Grychta Chief Executive Officer and CEO of Online Karrieretag

Every week we look forward to Tyler's English class. It doesn't feel like learning at all, it's a lot of fun! Tyler knows a lot about a lot of topics and he is a great listener.

Christiane Glaser, CEO Konzeption und Design, Redcode.de

Lesson Structure

Each lesson is tailored to the company's or student’s needs and delivered in a fun and inclusive environment conducive to maximum learning.

Typical lesson formats include analyzing and discussing current business news or through the use of professional teaching material such as One Stop English and Linguahouse. Whether it’s serious study to prepare for an international conference or a relaxed team-building exercise, lessons are developed to meet the needs of your group.

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Lessons for Companies

I provide a quality service at a fair price. Among others, I have taught in the automotive, real-estate, food, shipping, logistic, financial and banking industries.

Lessons include both individual and group settings. Utilizing the personalized goals of the course, a curriculum is developed individually for the company. Standard lessons include developing target specific vocabulary by analyzing major English language newspapers.

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With access to 1000s of worksheets at every language level and for every aspect of grammar, groups work to find which one suits their learning habits. This maximizes students’ learning and makes lessons fun and exciting.

This can work for executives who need to improve their English skills or just want to touch up on them for an upcoming event. Groups lessons are also an option for companies which need their workforce to learn basic English skills or to provide employees with a low-cost work reward.

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About Me

Having grown up in rural Northern Michigan, I speak with a clear Midwestern accent typically heard on American broadcasts.

I attended Central Michigan University, possessing dual degrees in Political Science and History and completed a semester at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands.

During my studies I furthered my professional experience by attending a national security seminar in Washington DC and by working on two political campaigns. The first campaign was a U.S. House of Representatives race where I worked as campaign coordinator. I then worked on a Michigan Senate race in my home district, where I held the position of deputy campaign manager.

After completing my studies I moved to Salt Lake City, Utah to explore the American West before moving back to Michigan to work at the Alpena News as a journalist. Having decided to continue my travels I returned to Europe where I currently reside in Hamburg, Germany and have been teaching Business English for nearly two years.

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Easy English is still here to serve your learning needs!

We can learn together, while maintaining our distance over Skype. Individuals, whether professionals at home or retirees looking for something to keep them busy, are all welcome. Stay safe and healthy. We are all in this together.